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Want to stay apprised of TFA announcements? Register on our website.  Not sure you want to register and want to talk to someone?  Leave a message at (512)280-1025 and someone will call back or send email to [email protected] .  All current members of the club have subscriptions based on their Annual Membership application.  
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Fencing is not “sword fighting.” A fencing match looks nothing like a Zorro movie. There is tension and excitement in every bout, but no swashbuckling. Fencing demands that the athlete direct and control his—or her—aggression. Of course, every sport is not for everyone and fencing is no exception. Some take to it; some don’t. Those who stay with it, however, truly love it. There is no such thing as an indifferent fencer. While not a team sport like soccer or basketball, fencing is learned through regular practice and there is a strong camaraderie among TFA members. When the club attends tournaments, coaches and students support each other as part of the TFA team. Ultimately, of course, each match is won or lost by the individual fencer, which is probably why fencing draws those committed to competing at their “personal best.” Fencing is suitable for girls as well as boys. Because size and strength are less important than speed and agility, girls often find it a particularly rewarding activity. 

Come explore our website and begin a journey of a lifetime!

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We teach to a broad spectrum of interest levels. One of our goals from a coaching perspective is to not be the limiting factor in our fencers successes - be those recreational or national/international. To that end we participate in continuing our education by going to the Olympic Sports Foundation hosted United States Fencing Coaches College and also participating in the United States Fencing Coaches Association. We also keep it light in nature for our youth fencers - after all on their first night they are inducted into the Klingon Federation.  For more insight into our philosophy continue reading here.
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All of the coaches at the Texas Fencing Academy are certified instructors.  There are 2 key organizations related to certification of coaches:  The USFA's Coaches College and the USFCA (United States Fencing Coaches Association). 
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The Texas Fencing Academy (TFA) is a non-profit organization.  If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution please contact Ray Parker by clicking here  or visiting our Online store here.
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