The Junior Olympics in my opinion is THE MOST CHALLENGING tournament of the year.  We sent 9 of our fencers to JO’s this year and they all had successes.  Never as many as they’d like but I’m proud of all of them.  Each of our fencers cleared the cut-off in at least 1 of their events!  At national events in Junior and Cadet events the bottom 20% of the field out of pools are not advanced into the DE table.  All of our fencers cleared that hurtle in at least 1 of their events!  In fact, of the 18 events that we fenced we made the cut in all but 4!

Junior Olympic Results

Name Event # Fencers Pools (V:D) Indicator Cleared Cut Place %
Ali CWE 234 6:0 12 Y 39 17%
Matthew CMS 239 3:2 3 Y 95 40%
Aaron JMF 318 3:3 -7 Y 127 40%
Emma JWF 239 3:3 -2 Y 115 48%
Mckenna JWE 254 2:4 -9 Y 128 50%
Riley CME 304 3:3 4 Y 160 53%
Noe JMS 267 3:3 5 Y 144 54%
Ali JWS 197 2:4 -11 Y 128 65%
Noe CMS 241 2:4 -3 Y 168 70%
Sam JMS 265 2:4 -5 Y 188 71%
Matthew JMS 266 2:4 -7 Y 194 73%
Thomas CME 304 2:4 -7 Y 223 73%
Emma JWS 196 2:4 -9 Y 152 78%
Riley CMS 240 1:5 -8 Y 191 80%
Sam JMF 320 06 -20 N 291 91%
Thomas JMF 319 0:6 -23 N 299 94%
Thomas CMF 306 0:6 -25 N 297 97%
Thomas JME 342 0:6 -21 N 340 99%

Thomas dealt himself ALL in and was our only fencer fencing on ALL 4 days.  He alsowas fencing up an age bracket in 2 of those events!  Sam came so very close in foil to winning 2 bouts to make the cut and did win 2 in saber!  Matthew almost had a comeback victory in the Junior saber field coming back from 10-14 to tie the score but couldn’t sneak another touch in.  He did even better in the Cadet saber event with our 2nd highest finish.  Aaron fenced both Junior epee and foil and made the cutoff in both.  Even fencing injured (finger) he was able to post a DE victory in the JMF.  Emma did well in JWF but as a testament to how challenging this event is by finishing 3:3 in pools she was ‘rewarded’ by having to fence the 3rd place fencer in the TABLE OF 128!  Mckenna did well in her Epee event and was the Team Captain for our Junior Saber Team  which just missed winning their first match 44:45.  Riley cleared the cut in Cadet Saber by the skin of his teeth.  Typically you have to win 2 pool bouts but sometimes 1 is enough if your indicators are good – his were!  He also cleared the cut in epee.  Noe made the cut in both his saber events and beat an A rated fencer in pools!  Ali had a stand out performance in Cadet epee finishing 39th.  She had a beautiful undefeated pool which placed her at 23 coming out of pools.  She also had a really nice comeback victory in her saber DEs bring back a 10:14 deficit to a 15:14 victory!  Wow.

Every once in a while though a few of my fencers had to be reminded that pool bouts were to 5, direct elimination matches to 15 and team events 45!  It seemed like we got stuck on 4 , 14 and 44 far too often!!

DEs victories were hard to come by – a summary of ours is below.  With fields this large going 2:4 or 3:3 in pools lands you a whopper of a DE in the table of 128.  You’ll typically end up fencing someone in the top 10.  That’s a tough draw in the table of 128!  Take AwayLet’s start doing better in pools and carry that into the DE table.

Direct Elimination Voctories:

Name Event DE’s
Ali CWE 15-13 victory over Sumrall 
Matthew CMS 15-5 victory over Liu
Aaron JMF 15-9 victory over Farquharson
Emma JWF 15:11 victory over Fernandes;
Mckenna JWE 15-11 victory over #59 Kang
Ali JWS 15-14 comeback from 10-14 over Wolfson (Nellya)
Junior Women’s Saber team
We inducted Janna into the Klingon federation and were able to field a composite team (not supposed to be possible at JOs and Nationals)  Emma was the alternate as she was fencing in the individual junior foil event at the same time.
More PHOTOS from the event can be found here.

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