Closed this Saturday (4/6)
Since all of our coaches are down in San Marcos at the 37th Annual Poujardieu Memorial we will be unable to run our Saturday classes.  For directions on where to come cheer for your team click here.  Some of our fencers will also be traveling to Houston to fence in the Alice B. Memorial.

Summer Nationals Qualifier (4/14)
One of the last paths to qualify for Summer Nationals is coming up on Sunday 4/14.  There is a path for youth fencers in the Y14 age bracket as well as our youth/adults that may wish to fence in the Div2/Div3 events.  Please register by 4/14 at:South Texas Summer Nationals. We are hosting this event this year at TFA so we have home strip advantage!  Everyone else who is already qualified for Summer Nationals should make sure they register by 5/15. This will allow us to start focusing on our March to Summer Nationals which is in Columbus, OH from 6/28-7/7.  Columbus has treated us well in years past as it was where we won gold coined our latest National Championship!

New Fencer Day (4/27)
Our next scheduled Welcome New Fencer day is Saturday 4/27.  Make sure you spread the word and bring a friend!  Word of mouth and reputation is the primary way TFA grows so do your part!  It’s also good for a 1 week credit on your membership for each candidate you bring.  Leave us a review or mention us on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase our presence and help spread the word.

Lessons Sign-up
We are implementing a simpler mechanism to track our lessons and there is a sign-up dry erase calendar at the club.  Please pick the weekly slot that works for you and make sure you show up 20min ahead to get stretched out and warmed up.  We will simplify the billing to be on a subscription basis, similar to what we are now doing for our monthly memberships (which is working very well)

TFA Tracker App
We have a new app which is fun way for our fencers to see how their training is coming along as well as for folks to stay in touch with upcoming events among other things.  It can be downloaded at: TFA Tracker App.  All of the announcements above have been on the App for a couple of days so it would be the “go to” place for current information.  We will be transitioning this to a “registered members only” login so go ahead and register(fencers and parents separately) using this form:  Registration Form

Tips/Latest Features:
Team Leader:
Uses, dare I say a sophisticated algorithm (ie. math), to provide a live status of who the current leader is by looking at lesson, class and conditioning performance to goals.  Congratulate this person upon there arrival at the club and give them a Klingon salute!  There may be burpees involved….
Latest Lifts:
We are focusing a little more on strength training for some of our older fencers and this section (in their page under Klingons) shows their latest lift weight as well as how many days ago that occurred.  This will help them be more efficient when they go to lift and help track which exercise they did least recently.  Ryan K has volunteered his time on Saturdays from 12-1 to help monitor our weight sessions.