Summer Nationals
We will start our March to Nationals training tomorrow (June 4th, Tuesday).  I’d like to challenge everyone that’s going to Nationals to arrive in fighting form at their peak fitness level. Even if you aren’t going to Nationals this year if  you want to support your teammates and get in on this extra training come join us.  I realize summer time is here and many of our fencers (not going to Nationals and some that are!) are currently out on summer vacations. We are still ‘in season’ working hard to peak in 25 days!

I’ve got a T-minus countdown timer going on the TFA training app and I’ve loaded in everyone’s events (TFA Training App).  Now that the start times are posted I’ll add them to the information.

The workout times and cost are:
Where:  @TFA
When:  T,W and Th mornings from 7:45-9:15
$$$:  $45 which can be paid here
Plan:  We will focus on conditioning and footwork for the next 3 weeks in the mornings.  I will also open up 2 lesson slots these mornings for either extra lessons or lessons that were missed when I was out last week on Thur & Sat.  Fencers should work on cardio on Monday & Fridays on your own.  1 mile timed runs are good since they allow you to easily track progress.  Sprints would be good also but you will need access to a good track.

Make sure you stretch out well and let’s not have any injuries!

Upcoming Schedule
We will be closed June 26th-July 7th while we are out in Columbus and then switch over to our Summer Fencing schedule (open fencing and chilling w friends) afterwards.  While we don’t offer summer camps for fencing (those darn day jobs get in the way) it is a good time for new fencers to join.  So do please help spread the word that for the 4 consecutive Saturdays beginning July 20th there will be a Free Youth Fencing class from 10-12AM.  We’d also like your help getting the word out to other groups (home school, private schools, etc…) about fencing at TFA across the summer and beyond.  If you’ve got some ideas let me know.

See you soon!

Klingon Leader