Fencing Summer Camp

7 – 12 Years old – June 28th to July 2nd – $325

This camp aimes to introduce new fencerz age 7-12 to the exciting sport of Olympic fencing. If you are looking for something new and exciting to try this summer, the two weapon Olympic Fencing Summer camp is for you! Intermediate fencers are welcome to join and have fun and get extra one on one before Summer National.

The camp will introduce campers to :

  • Basic eye-hand-foot work
  • Introduction to fencing etiquette
  • Safety rules and sportsmanship
  • Basic distance control
  • Basic fencing

Drop off starts at 8:30 am and from there your kids will partake in a dynamic arm-up, introductory foot work classees, interactive drilling with bith sabre and epee weapons as well as relays and developmental fencing games. Pick up is 2-2:30pm with a $15 fee for late pick up. 

Bring your own lunch and water. 


This Fencing summer camp is brought to you by the Texas Fencing Academy. Your kids will learn primarily from UNC Fencing Team memebers Allegra Parker and Tarleton Hunt who have both been fencing for over 8 years and have both been International, National and Collegiate experience. They are excited to share their love of the sport with beginners as well as intermadiate kids. Other qualified Texas Fencing Academy coaches will be present, 



Click on the TFA Team logo

or scan the QR code

to register for camp!


Fencing is a martial art and you should come ready to work out! This include a t-shirt, long warm-up pants/tight and closed toed court shoes.

Fencing gear will be provided. 

We encourage you to bring a waterbottle and nutricious snack.

If you wear open toes shoes you may be required to change into spares which we a limited supply of on site.


We are located within the LifeStorage facilty on North Lamar. We are the 2 story building behind the gate when you enter the parking lot. The gate access code is: *8329# Please park alongside the building or in the front lot. Do not park along the fence since those spots are rented out large trucks will come back to claim them (and squash your car – just kidding). There are 3 yellow doors on our building. Come in through the left most one. Note: We have a fantastic facility but since we rent space the owners do not let us advertise or put up signage. Hence, your treasure hunt.


Wear mask inside the building, wash hands downstairs in restroom before coming upstairs, temp check in salle.