Corporate team building fencing events and outings are a great and fun way to get your team re-energized and motivated. Your next fencing team outing at TFA will help your staff to bond and become more effective at working together, communicating, and relying on each other.

With combined years of experience in high-tech industries, human resource management, and high-performance competitive sports coaching, our team has an unmatched blend of expertise to create a team building event that is unprecedented for your company and will be the talk of the office long after you leave us.

TFA’s fun, safe, and highly engaging fencing team building or party includes:

A brief history of fencing in an interactive and demonstrative way

Fencing rules and safety

A warm-up and stretching

Basic footwork, bladework, and fencing technique

A lot of hands on fencing

Fencing competition between two equally divided teams

Each team building session is specifically tailored based on your teams skills, abilities, and needs and assumes no prior experience in fencing.

All fencing equipment is provided by TFA.

All participants must wear long sport pants, sport shoes and a tee-shirt. ( bring a extra t-shirt to change after)

Team size 10 to 27 persons

call for price and availability