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Equipment Purchase
If you have purchased equipment from TFA then please enter that cost below and complete your payment.
Equipment Rental
If you are going to a tournament and do not have your own equipment please use one of the two items below to complete your rental.
Armory Service
If you are a TFA competitive member you have access to the armory bench (once trained).  If TFA performs armory services on your behalf then fill int he amount charged for parts and labor and complete your payment below.

    Equipment/Armory PaymentMinimize
    Fencing Equipment Purchased
    General equip. purchase from TFA (user enters invoiced value)
    Price:  $0.00

    Armory Parts/Labor
    Armory services from TFA pro shop (user enters invoiced value)
    Price:  $0.00

    Dues Payment
    Dues payment outside of standard purchase
    Price:  $0.00

    Equipment Rental (Single)
    Renting of equipment to fence in single weapon (ie. foil, epee or saber)
    Price:  $20.00

    Equipment Rental (Multiple)
    Renting of equipment to fence in more than 1 event (any/all - foil/epee/saber)
    Price:  $30.00

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