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TFA is moving to an online payment system.  Cash and checks will no longer be accepted.  Please select from the membership categories below.

  • Current USFA Membership required in order to fence at TFA (link)
  • TFA Liability form must be completed and on file (link)

Youth MembershipMinimize
Try Fencing ( 1 week)
Fence tonight!
- First visit fees (covers first week of fencing)
- Must also join US Fencing ($10/annual) at
Price:  $20.00

Youth 1st Month (1 month)
1st Month - First month fee for all youth fencers. - Allows fencers to try different weapons on different evenings at North and South locations - Any/all Youth 1hr classes may be attended for 30 days
Price:  $130.00

Youth Minnow (1 month)
Saturday morning class
Price:  $80.00

Youth Recreational (1 month)
3 days a week - Includes 3 weapon specific youth classes (1hr ea.) on T,W & Th from 6-7pm. - Students will need to purchase their starter equipment by the 5th week.
Price:  $110.00

Youth Competitive (1 month)
Any/all days a week (M,T,W,Th,Sat) - Must have TFA Annual Membership - Includes all weapon specific youth classes and open fencing access - Tournament Competitive Equipment required (2 weapons min.) - Personal Training Program provided - Must maintain 3.0 GPA or equivalent - Coaches approval required
Price:  $165.00

Youth OCPE (1 month)
3+ days a week - Off Campus Physical Education - Includes all locations and classes to allow OCPE hour requirements to be met - Coaches approval required
Price:  $185.00

Open Fencing Youth - Floor Fee (1 Day)
Must have current USFA Membership and TFA Liability form on file. - Covers floor fee for day of purchase - Parent/Guardian must remain at club - Must have fencing experience and familiarization with safety rules
Price:  $20.00

TFA Annual Fee Youth (Optional)
TFA Annual Fee - Fencer receives 33% discount on lessons - May leave equipment at club - May use refrigerator - Must join USFA as competitive member and list TFA as club - Must purchase TFA team jacket and T-shirt and abide by dress code policy at tournaments ------------ Note: Membership fees must still be paid in addition on an ongoing basis (ie. day, week or monthly dues)
Price:  $180.00

TFA Annual Family Fee (Optional)
TFA Annual Fee for Family - Family fees for more than 1 fencer. Conveys same privileges to additional fencer(s) as Annual Fee above. ------------ Note: Membership fees must still be paid in addition on an ongoing basis (ie. day, week or monthly dues) Includes 2 team t-shirts
Price:  $310.00

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