Minnows class

6 – 9 Years old – Recreational : $95 monthly recurring

This class meets on Saturdays from 9:00 – 9:45am for epee and from 9:45 am to 10:30 am for saber.  This class is for our youngest fencers and may be fenced with foam, plastic or live weapons. Our emphasis is on movement and introducing these minnows to fencing in a safe, fun, engaging environment.  Our goal is to prepare these minnows to become barracudas and join our competitive class down the road.  New minnows may join at any time. Minnows will be introduced to both weapons, epee and saber.

1st class is free.

$65 for the 1st month after the 1st class, following months cost $95 and are recurring.

By purchasing the recurring membership you agree to authorize TFA to set up a recurring monthly payment until you send us notification in writing to cancel.


The class covers:

  • Basic eye-hand-foot work
  • Introduction to fencing etiquette
  • Safety rules and sportsmanship
  • Basic distance control
  • Basic fencing

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All fencing equipment is provided by TFA.

To participate in the class you should wear:

  • Long sport pants
  • Tennis shoes
  • T-shirt

Class : 45 min

Conditioning : 15 min