Benefits of fencing

For hundreds of years, warriors, knights, and mercenaries used swords to kill, maim and fight across various continents. During the Middle Ages, dueling, a sword fight between two individuals, became standard practice for setting disagreements and arguments among nobility.

As dueling evolved, so did the swords that were used – the epee, foil and sabre – and the conduct that was expected from the participants.

Though it comes from a bloody background, modern fencing is a sport of skill, intelligence and emotional control. It is now practiced in clubs around the world and training can lead to being a member of an Olympic team. Fencing was added to the modern Olympics in 1896. In the 2012 Olympics, over 200 fencing competitors took part and 13 different countries received medals in 10 fencing events, including USA women’s epee team who brought home a bronze medal.

Why should your child fence?

There are many reasons why a child chose to participate in one sport or another. These are some specific items that fencing offers students that other sports may not fully encompass.

Develops hand-eye coordination, mental acuity, and muscle and emotional control.

Promotes self-confidence, self-discipline and good decision making.

Provides a healthy outlet for rivalry and competition.

All of these attributes will help your child in everyday life outside of TFA.

Benefits of Fencing

Fencing offers students many benefits beyond being a good health and fitness routine.

Being a form of exercise, it of course builds muscle and burns calories. However, it also increases agility and flexibility much more than other sports.

This sport activates the mind. Sparing and matches are as much about strategy as ability. It requires a strong connection between mind and body, and the mind is always looking ahead to the next possible movement. It is constantly trying to solve the next possible strike.

Because of this, fencing increases focus and concentration. Both are needed in order to be successful. It offers a wide variety of competition, from training pairs to world championships and the Olympics. There is something for everyone.

Just like many other sports, students can get scholarships if they become a high level fencer.

Because various levels train together, it gives students an opportunity to meet many different types of people, whether age, level, ability or length of time fencing.


From history to now, fencing is romantic, quick and exciting. Fencing is a dance, a duel and a sparing match all rolled into one. The art of fencing, if you think of it, can easily be applied to life.