Did you know that fencers have a distinct advantage when it comes to college applications? 1 in 3 high school fencers go on to compete on college fencing 32% of male fencers and 38% of female fencers go on to fence in college. Compare that to football (7.8%) or basketball (5.9% male, 6.3% female). More …

More than 30 top-tier colleges in the U.S. have an NCAA fencing team, and 100 other colleges have teams as well.


Not planning to fence in college? No problem, simply having fencing listed on the application gives you a huge boost:

Schools understand that fencing teaches mental toughness and strategic thinking, and that good fencers make good students. Fencing families already know that fencing translates to improve focus and better academic performance.

Graduation and retention rates are of particular interest to universities, Students who have a long history of fencing show that they are able to stay with something over a long period of time, an essential factor for colleges that are pressed to increase graduation rates.

In addition, fencing offers the option for high school students to have a wider variety of references for their college application process, rather than from just within the school environment. A key to college admission is the ability to bring strong letters of reference, something that solid fencing schools can provide.

Wondering which schools have good teams?

Well, here is a helpful list that offers you a whole great list of information on NCAA fencing schools.

For the best schools, even straight A’s and high SAT scores don’t guarantee acceptance. Colleges want candidates who show not only an aptitude for schoolwork, but also who have balanced and well rounded activities.

Fencing offers a powerful tool for propelling your child into their bright future.