Barracuda class

5 to 8 years old competitive : $165 monthly recurring

Barracudas are our younger competitors, their goal is to meet and fence 4 hours a week. They fence with live weapons. Our emphasis is on movement and introducing these barracudas to fencing in a safe, fun, engaging environment.  Our goal is to prepare these barracudas to become sharks. They compete locally in Texas, mostly in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.  

Fencers must purchase a USFA competitive membership from ($75/year). 

They must list Texas Fencing Academy as their primary club and be represented by Texas Fencing Academy staff/coaches at tournaments. Should train minimum 2 times weekly M-Th 6-8pm, Sat 10-12pm. By purchasing this recurring membership you agree to authorize TFA to set up a recurring monthly payment until you send us notification in writing to cancel.

The class covers:

  • Basic eye-hand-foot work
  • Basic distance control
  • Basic fencing
  • Introduction to fencing etiquette
  • Safety rules and sportsmanship


All fencing equipment is provided by TFA.

To participate in the class you should wear:

  • Long sport pants
  • Tennis shoes
  • T-shirt





Barracudas meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Lessons : 20 min

Class : 180 min

Conditioning : 40 min